Investment Committee

FELIPE GAIAD – Real Estate Fund Manager

20 years of experience in contracting, structuring, acquisitions, debt, investment management and divestment.

BA in Business Administration, PUC Rio de Janeiro | Master’s Degree in Finances, Cass Business School

At HSI for 13 years, Mr. Gaiad participated in the execution of several transactions, coordinating the real estate investment team in analysis processes, the contracting of new business deals and asset management. His experience includes acquisitions and development of real estate assets. His track record of accomplishments includes: development of the ECO Berrini high-rise office building (LEED Platinum, São Paulo), acquisition of portfolio of warehouses from Bracor Investimentos Imobiliários and subsequent sale to LPG, formation of the joint venture with Saphyr Shopping Centers and its consolidation. Mr. Gaiad serves on board of directors of Saphyr, and actively participates in the company’s strategic decisions.

Prior to joining HSI, Mr. Gaiad worked in banks Bozano, Simonsen and Bank of America, at the operations desks in stock department.


20 years of experience in real estate private equity, M&A, structured credit and administration.

BA in Economics, University of Chicago

At the helm of HSI since its inception, Mr. Lima is responsible for the company’s strategic planning and real estate investment strategy, having used his network of contacts and experience to form a proven track record. He has coordinated more than 100 transactions, including the creation of CLB, a platform for logistics warehouses, and the sale thereof to GLP, largest real estate transaction in Brazil.

Mr. Lima began his career in the hedge fund sector in 1997, joined the investment bank Wassertein Perella & Co., participating in the management buyout of the emerging markets division in 1999. He returned to Brazil in 2000, and was responsible for structuring the first securitization operations of Rio Bravo, an operation that was incipient in Brazil up to that time. In 2003, he founded the real estate division of GP Investimentos with two partners, a group that became Prosperitas in 2006, and later became HSI in 2012.


26 years of experience in corporate management, real estate finance, structuring and execution.

BA in Economics, UC Berkeley | MBA, University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School

At HSI for seven years, Mr. Ariaz is responsible for the company’s financial planning, with a focus on managed funds, and investees. He accompanies each project through liaisons with boards of directors, and coordinates compliance and risk management of the funds and the company, endorsing each transaction. He conducts relationships with major banks and leads leveraging operations. In the credit area, he oversees the structuring of operations together with the officers, adjusting the investment to the company’s profile.

Prior to joining HSI, he structured and originated real estate financing that totaled more than BRL 2 billion, and was responsible for building the largest platform of logistics warehouses in Brazil (at the time), as well as contributing directly to the professionalization of the Brazilian real estate financing market. He was a partner and CFO of Bracor Investimentos Imobiliários, and Director of Structured Finance and Asset Management at Brazilian Capital.